Scott Stapp + Daughtry

Photos and Review by Raven Divito

The Venue at Thunder Valley was sold out and popping with excitement on January 19th, 2024 as the band Daughtry and Scott Stapp of Creed co-headlined a night that brought together two pillars of rock music.

With Scott Stapp opening the double bill, the audience found themselves enveloped in a 1990s/2000s sonic landscape that they couldn’t get enough of. Stapp, the iconic voice behind the band Creed, gave the audience a set filled with both new material and classic Creed favorites like “Arms Wide Open” and “Higher.”

Stapp’s performance was everything the crowd hoped for, with every note of his distinct vocals dripping with the earnestness that defined Creed in its heyday. The set was a nostalgic journey for longtime fans, but Stapp’s intense stage presence plus his newer solo material also captivated those hearing his music for the first time.

As the torch passed from Scott Stapp to Daughtry on stage, Chris Daughtry’s eponymous band launched full throttle into their set and immediately won over the audience with hits like “Desperation,” “World On Fire,” and “Changes Are Coming.” Chris Daughtry has a charismatic talent for delivering radio-friendly rock anthems, and his vocals are as solidly top-notch as they were back when he performed as a youngster on American Idol. The band’s chemistry was tight as they moved between emotional ballads and arena-worthy bangers that the crowd loved.

The co-headlining collaboration of the two bands was a genius idea, with the night providing something for every fan of the genrefrom Daughtry’s contemporary rock to Scott Stapp’s soulful post-grunge performance. The double bill with these two top acts gave the audience a two-for-one evening of great music, and when a night out seeing great artists live is the goal, this one was a success for everyone who was there. For more information check out: @daughtry @scottstapp @thevenueatthundervalley

Scott Stapp