Photos and Review by Emily Gringorten

d4vd brought his Petals to Thorns tour to a sold out Great American Music Hall on July 25th. His star power was immediately apparent; the barricade was packed with dozens of fans decked out in red stained white button ups, his signature look. 

Pronounced ‘David,’ the 18-year-old internet sensation and avid gamer got his start making music after receiving copyright strikes from the songs in Fortnite gameplay montages he made and posted to Youtube. d4vd quickly rose to fame after his track “Romantic Homicide” took TikTok by storm, garnering 685 million streams to date and landing him a spot on the Billboard 200.

His other mega-hit “Here With Me,” had fans clamoring over each other to get video when he performed it, especially since he invited his little sister to join him onstage. d4vd’s fans are passionate, and they showered him with gifts and affirmations throughout the set. He delivered a striking performance, switching seamlessly between soulful ballads and punk rock bangers that had the floor shaking. He even teased a few new tracks which the crowd seemed to already know. There is an undeniable confidence in him, and you’d never know that he only played his first few shows earlier this year. 

Over 5 years ago, I came to the same 470 capacity venue to see Billie Eilish. Anticipating her virality, I couldn’t stop thinking about how lucky I was to have caught her at such a small venue. d4vd’s show had me feeling the exact same way, and I know the future is bright for this rising star who will surely be performing in arenas one day.

The Petals to Thorns tour will conclude after two LA shows in August. For up to date info check out www.d4vd.io for all the latest news.