3 Doors Down + Candlebox

Photos and Review by Raven Divito

This hot July 13th summer night concert at The Hard Rock Cafe Live in Wheatland kicked off with Candlebox, a band that has solidified its place in rock history with their infectious melodies and radio hits. Right away Candlebox instantly lit up both the venue and the audience with their energy, with lead vocalist Kevin Martin commanding the stage, delivering a performance filled with emotion and intensity. The band took the crowd on a journey of hits like “Far Behind,” “Cover Me,” and “You,” which made everyone go on a journey down memory lane remembering where they were in the Fall of 1993 when “You” was on everyone’s CD player. Candlebox not only warmed up the crowd, but left everybody wanting more after their intense performance.

Next, 3 Doors Down took the stage and immediately lived up to the audience’s expectations. The setlist, which focused on their monumental sophomore album “Away from the Sun,” was full of favorites and celebrated the album’s 30th anniversary. The band blended surprises with hits, keeping the crowd energized through the whole set. Songs like “Here Without You,” “Loser,” “Landing in London,” and the iconic “Kryptonite” had the crowd singing along in unison. Frontman Brad Arnold’s powerful vocals rocked the venue, capturing the band’s anthemic sound, while the fans joined in.

Arnold made a point to connect with the audience and shared his feelings on life and gratitude, which the crowd loved and which made the night special. 3 Doors Down clearly loves their devoted fans, and the bond between band and fans is heartfelt.

This was an unforgettable night of live music thanks to the energy and love from both bands and the crowd that came out. Candlebox and 3 Doors Down are excellent live, and for an up to date list of upcoming live dates check out www.candleboxrocks.com and www.3doorsdown.com.

3 Doors Down