Lizzy McAlpine

Photos and Review by Jennie Book

Lizzy McAlpine took to the Bill Graham stage with no opening band on May 16th in San Francisco, and when the lights went down and fans’ cheers filled the hall she got quickly to work with her 6-man band. The musicianship was tight as she and the band sat in chairs on stage and she made her way through tracks from her newest album Older, and even when she stopped suddenly on the second song due to forgetting the lyrics – “I said backstage, ‘I hope I don’t forget the words.’ Well I guess that’s out the window!” the crowd loved it and cheered for her, and then she was back on track and into the subdued groove of the night.

She played a 20-song set that picked up some momentum around the ninth song, “doomsday” from album five seconds flat, to which the crowd sang every word back heartily, hungry to shout lyrics they’d been living with and feeling emotionally and personally for years. Closing the night with “erase me” and “ceilings” was a great move since they’re giant fan favorites and were an appreciated way to finish the set in rousing singalong fashion.

The low-key show’s big demographic was high schoolers and early college kids, with some moms and dads lining the back walls on chaperone duty. The bars were largely unattended, not too many vape clouds caught in the spotlight rising to the ceiling, and everyone had a wholesome good time and let out some relationship angst through Lizzy’s relatable words.

The Older tour continues through through late June in the US and then hops around internationally and to festivals until the end of October. For all the latest information check out and @lizzymcalpine.