Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS)

Photos and Review by Raven Divito

CSS energized the sold-out crowd at The Independent with their extraordinary electroclash catalog

On May 14, 2024, the Brazilian band Cansei de Ser Sexy, aka CSS, embarked on their “It’s Been A Number Of Years Tour” for their 20th anniversary, and San Francisco was blessed to be one of the cities on the short list to host a tour stop. CSS has been on an 11 year hiatus, and were inspired by UK promoters to reunite for a short US and UK tour, and the evening at The Independent was everything the fans dreamed of and could have hoped for.

Led by vocalist Lovefoxxx, Ana Rezende (keyboards/guitar), Carolina Parra, (lead guitar), and Luiza Sa’ (Bass), CSS has reformed to focus primarily on live shows rather than studio work. Lovefoxxx has stated, “we’re not going to make new albums, this is a chance to be nostalgic and give the fans what they have been craving, a tour of hits.”

The band released four albums from 2005 to 2013, and had the songs “Alala” and “Off the Hook” from their 2006 Sub Pop debut Cansei de Ser Sexy featured on the soundtrack of the video game Forza Motorsport 2. CSS broadened their success with their song “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex,” which was used in a worldwide television commercial by Apple Inc. for the iPod. Due to the song’s exposure in the United States, it hit number 63 on the Billboard Hot 100 list, becoming the highest-charting single in the United States by a Brazilian band to date.

The line at The Independent started forming at 6 for the 7:30 pm door time. There were an eclectic blend of fans ranging in age from early 20’s to 60-somethings, all eagerly lined up and exchanging stories of CSS shows they’d seen. There were three young Brazilians in the front of the line with hopes of getting autographs after the show. The buzz was loving, fun, and hospitable. 

As the doors opened, most fans ran to the front, holding space for their friends who went directly to the merch booth to load up on swag. Others went to the bar to get their groove on, and instantly we were packed like happy sardines awaiting for CSS to appear on stage. The overhead speakers were spewing out dance grooves, setting the tempo for what we were about to enjoy.

The Independent opened its doors in 2004, and has a 550-person capacity. It has hosted other stellar acts like Lizzo, Green Day, and The Killers, to name a few. There is ample standing room in front of the stage, with raised levels on stage right and left, and a balcony upstairs that wraps around making it possible to see no matter where you stand.

Soon the house lights went down and the Los Angeles post-punk band Agender opened up the show. The ambiance of dark red and purple lighting set the mood for their synth-driven paranoid angst songs. The band is made up of Australian singer songwriter/guitarist Romy Hoffman, Cristy Michel on bass, Christy Greenwood on drums and Sara Rivas on synth, and the quartet had the crowd’s total attention. You can find out more information on this band at

After Agender exited the stage, anticipation started rising fast, and you could feel the excited energy in the air. The crowd started chanting “CSS! CSS!at 9:20 pm.

Then the overhead music stopped and the lights dimmed as the members walked out on stage to their gear. The song “CSS Suxx” started up, and the fans went absolutely nuts as Lovefoxxx strutted out with a massive smile on her face. She was wrapped in a big black shiny button up overcoat, and black pull-on slicker pants to hide her layers of outfits underneath. The lights were dark blue and pink to subdue the mayhem that was about to unravel. Lovefoxxx grabbed the mic, and started chanting “CSS Suxx” over and over with the band and the crowd. The dancing and singing had begun and Lovefoxxx shed her coat revealing a yellow blouse with ruffles around her neck and sleeves, making it easier to dance and flail her hair about. Before the second song, Lovefoxxx checked in with the crowd thanking everyone for coming out, and stating how ecstatic the band was to be playing live again, and how grateful they were that everyone showed up.

“I Love You” was the second song, and comes from their third album Liberacion, which has a strong synth drive, and it got the crowd into a groove. Lovefoxxx shed her slicker pants before “Music Is My Hot Hot Sexx,” revealing a beautiful white gown. Ana Rezende changed up on her instruments throughout the evening from keyboards to guitar in addition to backing vocals. The musicianship was tight throughout the 15 song set plus three encores, which spanned their 4 album discography. It was clear the band was having a wonderful time on stage, smiling, laughing and enjoying themselves immensely. Another layer came off from Lovefoxxx, revealing her leotard which allowed more flexibility in her stage aerobics. Lovefoxxx utilized every inch of the stage dancing, whipping her long flowing black hair, and interacting with the fans.

The 15 song set ended with “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above.”

The band thanked the fans and left the stage, but you could feel an encore coming, and the crowd was making sure of it with screams and whistles. We were treated with a three song encore, starting with “I Wanna Be Your J. Lo,” and on the last song, “Alala,” Lovefoxxx surfed the crowd.

CSS hit me like a rock and left all of the fans in the crowd concussed, elevated with love, happiness, and permanent grooves.

The question remains, will there be another leg of US shows? Don’t miss them live!

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