Photos and Review by Jennie Book

Frontman Joe Talbot and his team of Idles came to the Fox Theater in Oakland on May 10, 2024 and shook the packed venue right to its historical foundation.

For a band that has garnered lots of attention and been given many labels – punk rock, post-punk, hardcore punk, post-hardcore, art rock – they play with authenticity and no ego. Their music encapsulates the things that matter from song to song regardless of category: intense musicianship, magnetism, enlightenment, catharsis. Each bandmate on stage – Talbot, Adam Devonshire, Mark Bowen, Jon Beavis, and Lee Kiernan – played their parts and did it as brothers. More than once Talbot thanked his mates for helping him through his violent past and his addiction troubles, and he thanked the fans several times for the same thing.

The 25-song set was intense and electric, and started with “IDEA 01” and ended with “Rottweiler.” In between were lots of favorites old and new (“All I Want For Christmas” by Mariah Carey was even in the lineup) with tracks from 2024’s new TANGK album well-represented. Some favorites judging by crowd reaction were “POP POP POP,” “The Wheel,” and “Never Fight a Man With a Perm.” After the second song, guitarist Kiernan climbed into the crowd and played “Gift Horse” while up-front fans surfed him around above their heads.

Talbot talked to the crowd a lot in a sincere way. “Thank you all for coming tonight and making us feel special,” he said. And about song “The Wheel”: This song was written about my mother’s death. And it’s about my survival from drug abuse. Thank you very much for carrying me.” After parting the seas down the middle of the venue before starting up “Gift Horse” he said, Oakland! Are you ready to collide? Are you ready for love? Well viva Palestina!” Then rocked into the song as the whole venue floor started to swirl.

Idles is concerned with love, justice, and anti-facism, and they rocked the crowd with their message in a cathartic way, where even with earplugs jammed firmly into auditory canals a person could feel every note loud and clear straight into their sternum to receive the message being sent: No god, no king, I said love is the fing.

You shouldn’t miss seeing this band. For the latest news and tour info, go to and @idlesband.