The Kills

Photos and Review by Raven Divito

Amidst the charged atmosphere at Fox Oakland on March 16, 2024, The Kills unleashed a sonic storm. Fronted by the duo of Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince, The Kills wasted no time drawing the crowd in with their blend of raw energy and charisma. Launching into the set with the pulsating “Kissy Kissy,” the stage was set for a night of unrelenting intensity.

The Kills continued to show off their impressive musicianship as the night unfolded, delivering raw fan favorites like “Better Days” and “Going to Heaven.” Mosshart’s magnetic stage presence mixed with Hince’s guitar wizardry drew in the audience and kept the crowd rocking through the whole 20-song set. Hince and Mosshart seem to love their fans, making eye contact and smiling through the show, which made the crowd appreciate them even more.

The Kills’ latest album, “God Games,” came out in 2023 after a seven-year record hiatus and reflects their artistic evolution and fearless experimentation. Recorded in a historic church, the album has a dark, ethereal feeling that seems to draw from a pandemic-era influence.

Opening band Heartworms was the perfect choice for kicking off the night – Jojo Orme and her post-punk goth set knocked the crowd off its feet. With tracks like “Consistent Dedication” and “Jacked,” the energy and talent coming out of this band is off the charts. They can be found at @iamheartworms.

The Kills wrapped up this US leg of the God Games Tour here in Oakland, but will begin again in Europe in May. For all the latest news and info check out and @TheKills, and be sure to catch this show wherever and whenever you can.

The Kills