Lil Tecca

Photos and Review by Jennie Book

Lil Tecca is touring HVN ON EARTH with three opening bands – Chow Lee, tana, and SoFaygo – and they all came to The Warfield in San Francisco on March 13, 2024 and put on a show that no 14-24 year old in the SF Bay Area missed if they could get a ticket for it.

Chow Lee kicked things off with high energy and got the packed crowd moving. The floor in front of the stage at The Warfield is usually tight, but on this night it was like sardines in a current, moving in waves, almost knocking people down but not quite, leaving everybody soaked in sweat.

tana came up next and played favorites like “archive” and “fear no man” and the crowd loved it, and the reciprocal energy continued to flow. tana is co-owner of label Galactic Records with Lil Tecca, and they’ve toured together in the past.

Third to the stage was SoFaygo, who really got the crowd dancing and yelling with hits like “Knock Knock” and “Off the Map,” and it seemed like part of the crowd came to see him almost as much as they came for Lil Tecca. SoFaygo is signed to Travis Scott’s label and has gotten a lot of buzz and support from that.

Next and last of the night was man of the hour Lil Tecca, and Tec put on a great show for the kids of San Francisco. The sardine wave got tighter and sweatier and a thousand voices fell into one as they shouted lyrics to songs like “500 Lbs.,” “Diva,” and big favorite “Ransom.” Over the course of an hour-plus, Tecca went through a 23 song set and the kids, except for maybe the elementary school fans who had to go home with their dads a little early, were there for it loving every second.

Lil Tecca just came off Rolling Loud and then wrapped up the HVN ON EARTH tour in Arizona, but keep up to speed on future dates at and @liltecca for all the latest news and info.

Lil Tecca