Living Colour + Extreme

Photos and Review by Raven Divito

On the night of February 25, 2024, the crowd at Hard Rock Live in Sacramento was treated to an electrifying double bill featuring the legendary bands Extreme and Living Colour.

First up was Living Colour, fronted by charismatic, super talented, and dreads-swinging frontman Corey Glover, and they rocked the crowd over a ten-song set filled with favorites like “Type” and “Cult of Personality.” Guitar virtuoso Vernon Reid was in electrifying form and Doug Wimbish and Will Calhoun rounded out their ultra tight foursome on drums and bass.

Next on stage was Extreme, fronted by the charismatic Gary Cherone. Even after all these years touring, Cherone still has the commanding presence that has made him so well-loved through the years. Each dynamic move across the stage was a whirlwind of energy, captivating the crowd with his talent.

The virtuosic prowess of Nuno Bettencourt stole the spotlight when he started strumming, delivering the precise lightning fretwork that he’s known for, and demonstrating why he’s one of the premiere guitarists of his generation. The crowd stayed rapt for favorites like “Hole Hearted,” “Cupid’s Dead,” “More Than Words,” and “Rise” throughout the 21-song set, happy that all their favorites were played.

Together, Extreme and Living Colour crafted an excellent evening of rock ‘n roll, a night their fans will remember as an forgettable double-bill of music from legendary musicians.

Living Colour