Snow Strippers

Photos and Review by Emily Gringorten

The mysterious Detroit-based duo Snow Strippers transformed a sold out New Parish in Oakland into an indie sleaze paradise. Fans lined up for hours around the block dressed like they were going to ski slopes at 9 and the club at 10. It was a night of non-stop edginess and energy, from openers Eera, Evilgiane and Dres to Snow Strippers’ pounding set. 

The group, comprising singer Tati Schwaninger and producer Graham Perez, make grungy, trashy, and in your face electronic music that is haunting yet mesmerizing. In fact, their genre is aptly called “witch house.” Their goal: to make the most beautiful music possible, and music they like to listen to with their friends. Every song is quick and intense, with Tati’s delicate vocals paired with clashing EDM beats. 

Around 10:30 PM, they started with my personal fave “Under Your Spell,” immediately immersing us in their Crystal Castles-esque ethereal world. Other highlights for me were “Again,” “Almost a Threat,” and their Lil Uzi Vert collaboration “It’s a Dream.” Tati totally stole the show and her body became an instrument, responding to the music with unrestrained enthusiasm as her arms and hair flew through the air. It was hard to take your eyes off of her. Graham also made his rounds, emerging from behind the computer to shake hands with fans and pace back and forth across the stage, nodding to the beat. Dozens of songs were played during the ~1 hour set and the energy was insane the whole way through, even with the sound cutting out for 30 seconds mid set. The night concluded with both band members staying on stage to sign vinyls and interact with fans.

The tour is short, just Montreal, Chicago, SF, Portland, and LA. Their newest project Night Killaz Vol. 1 was also released just days prior. I really enjoyed this show, and if you’re a fan of fresh and unique dance music, definitely keep your eye on Snow Strippers.