The Japanese House

Photos and Review by Emily Gringorten

The Japanese House delivered a tranquil and mesmerizing performance to a sold out Fillmore in San Francisco on November 21, 2023. The singer songwriter, born Amber Bain, cruised through her 17 song setlist and struck the perfect balance between casual intimacy and captivating performance.

Donning a pair of carpenter jeans, a white tee, and a leather jacket, Bain brought a casual yet elegant vibe to the show. She and the band started off strong with “Sad to Breathe” and “Touching Yourself” from her newest release In the End It Always Does, which came out earlier this summer. The backdrop was a plain white sheet with soft pastel lighting, perfectly tailored to her minimalist dreamy aesthetic. I thought that a little more energy on stage could have completely transformed the vibe of the show since many songs are pretty upbeat. However, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it on the chill side and just singing your songs, flashing a smile, and letting the music speak for itself.

Before playing her biggest hit “Saw You in a Dream,” she shouted out her loyal fans by saying “for those of you who are singing along, you’ll love this one.” Other highlights from the show for me were “Boyhood,” “Maybe You’re the Reason,” and “Dionne.” She concluded the night with a two song encore consisting of “One for sorrow, two for Joni Jones” and another fan favorite “Sunshine Baby.”

Overall, this was a solid performance by a very talented and, in my opinion, underrated artist. Nothing too flashy, just pure talent, stellar vocals, and good vibes.