Pierce The Veil

Photos and Review by Raven Divito

Pierce the Veil unleashed a pop-punk tsunami at Hard Rock Live in Sacramento on November 4, 2023 on tour for their newest album The Jaws of Life. From kicking off the 16-song set with “Death of an Executioner” to the two-song encore featuring rare gems like “Besitos,” they blew their fans away with their raw talent and energy.

Lead singer Vic Fuentes, with his many talents as lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and keyboardist, led the charge with magnetic energy. His vocal range went from smooth melodies to guttural screams, and the fans sang along with every word.

Pierce the Veil is in great form these days with singer Fuentes, Tony Perry on guitar, Jaime Preciado on bass, and Loniel Robinson on drums, and the fans seemed grateful to the band and the band seemed grateful to the fans as Fuentes acknowledged the warm reception in Sacramento.

Pierce the Veil continues touring the US through December 8th, and up to date information can be found at www.piercetheveil.net.