Courtney Barnett

Photos and Review by Raven Divito

Courtney Barnett brought her End Of The Day tour to Bimbo’s 365 Club in San Francisco on November 2, 2023 and bowled over the sold out crowd with her talent and emotion.

Playing two separate sets during the show, the first was made up of instrumentals from her End of The Day album performed with Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa, End of The Day being a soundtrack album made for the 2021 documentary “Anonymous Club” about Courtney Barnett directed by Danny Cohen. The second set was solo acoustic songs from her other albums, which made for a very intimate evening.

Barnett has a storied and interesting history in the indie rock world. Not only is she featured in a documentary, plays festivals small and large, performs both all-out rock plus small acoustic shows, but she started Milk! Records in 2012 in Australia and had a great run launching the careers of mostly small Australian bands before deciding to close label shop earlier this year.

On X, Barnett described the album she’s touring this way: “End of The Day (music from the film Anonymous Club) is out now!! 17 instrumental improvisations recorded mid 2021 in collaboration with Stella Mozgawa & revisited and remixed as one cohesive album in 2022.”

The first Anonymous Club set included tracks Start Somewhere,” “Life Balance,” and “First Slow,” for a total of about 17 songs, then acoustic set two continued for about 9 songs, including “Rae Street,” “Depreston,” and “Before You Gotta Go,” then wrapping with “Oh The Night” for the encore. As a bonus, the following day was Barnett’s birthday, so the crowd sang her happy birthday which she referred to as her “Australian birthday” because the time change in Australia made it her actual birthday there. She was personable and witty during the whole evening, which made the fans feel like everyone was at a backyard party.

Bimbo’s is a great venue to see bands of all energies and sizes, and Courtney Barnett with Stella Mozgawa made sure the crowd had a wonderful evening during this excellent night of unforgettable intimate performance.

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