Black Veil Brides

Photos and review by Raven Divito

On October 19, 2023, the Hard Rock Cafe in Wheatland, CA was electrified as Black Veil Brides took the stage. Rooted in hard rock and committed to their own style of music and performance, BVB have become a postmodern metal institution and are known for their devoted legion of fans worldwide.

On tour for their sixth album The Phantom Tomorrow, tracks in the set were conceptualized around a rich storyline designed by singer Andy Biersack, and set the scene for imaginative world-building set on top of hard-driving musical bombast, which has been called a “rock opera concert album.”

The anticipation from the crowd was felt as they eagerly awaited the Black Veil Brides’ entrance. As the first notes of “Crimson Skies” filled the air, the audience went crazy. The set then delved into a treasure trove of hits, including anthems like “Rebel Love Song,” “Wake Up,” and “Nobody’s Hero.” The band weaved their way through their discography, making it a special journey for longtime fans and a thrilling introduction for newer, younger rockers.

The set culminated in a crescendo of hits, featuring classics such as “Knives and Pens,” the powerful “Fallen Angels,” and the hauntingly beautiful “In The End.” This concert exemplified the enduring legacy of Black Veil Brides, who have left their mark on the metal rock landscape.

Opener Ville Valo, a Finnish love metal pioneer known for his iconic band HIM, took the stage before Black Veil Brides. With a full cohort of fans of his own, Valo thrilled the packed crowd and gave them everything they came for with his passion and talent over a 13-song set that included favorites like “The Funeral of Hearts,” and “Buried Alive By Love.”

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