Half Alive

Photos and Review by Kris Lori Fuentes Cortes

Half Alive returned to SF’s Fillmore on October 17, 2023 to not just play a concert but to give a truly artistic experience. Half Alive has to be one of the most performative bands currently out there on the music scene. This band brings not only a lively performance and plenty of crowd engagement, but they also bring a dance element to their shows. Whether that’s from their dancers they bring on tour or their lead vocalist Josh Taylor being part of the dance numbers. Now, keep in mind this dancing isn’t just an entertaining aspect of their sets, but truly an extension of their music and the lyrics to their songs.

The experience isn’t complete without the outstanding crew Half Alive have on this tour. Between their guitar tech catching flying guitars, their lighting tech who has beautifully coordinated the lights to add an extra pop to the live set, you can see everyone on their team is on top of their game to bring an amazing show to the fans.

Half Alive’s music has a wide range of songs that will make you want to jump around and dance (“RUNAWAY”) while others will practically bring a tear to your eye (“Lost”). Their music will take you through all the ups and downs; they structured that beautifully on this tour for their latest album “Conditions of a Punk.” Half Alive will always be one of those bands that if they are coming to town, I will always be ready to attend.