Duran Duran

Photos and review by Raven Divito

On August 24, 2023, music enthusiasts in Sacramento were treated to a night of pure nostalgia and contemporary brilliance as the iconic band Duran Duran graced the stage of the Golden 1 Center on their Future Past 40th Anniversary Tour. The evening unfolded as a captivating blend of timeless hits and new tracks, delivering an unforgettable concert experience that bridged generations.

Duran Duran kicked off the night with an electric energy that instantly transported the audience back to the ’80s. Opening with “Night Boat,” “The Wild Boys,” and “Hungry Like the Wolf,” they set the tone for a night of musical magic. As the setlist moved through their extensive discography, fans were taken on a journey through their youth, with classics like “A View To A Kill” and “The Reflex” sparking collective euphoria.

The band’s stage presence was as charismatic as ever, with Simon Le Bon’s vocals still carrying the same power and emotion that made him an icon, with John Taylor right next to him on bass, and Nick Rhodes on keys just as they were forty years ago.

The visual spectacle was equally mesmerizing, with dynamic lighting and visuals enhancing each song’s atmosphere. The crowd’s energy was infectious, as both dedicated fans and newcomers danced and sang along to every word.

With covers of “White Lines,” “Save a Prayer,” and “Rio” closing out the night, the crowd got what they came for as the night ended on a high, and Duran Duran is as talented as ever at making their fans feel like they’ve had a magical experience.

The tour continues in the US through the end of September. For all the latest news, check out duranduran.com.