Mudvayne + GWAR

Photos and Review by Raven Divito

Concord Pavilion witnessed a relentless display of metal mastery on August 19, 2023 as the enigmatic band Mudvayne took the stage. The quartet, made up of guitarist Greg Tribbett, drummer Matthew McDonough, bassist Ryan Martinie, and the captivating vocalist Chad Gray, turned the night into an unforgettable symphony of chaos and intensity.

Chad Gray, a true frontman, immediately commanded the crowd’s attention with an electrifying entrance, launching right into the opening strains of “Not Falling.” Greg Tribbett, decked out in his signature black and red makeup, spiked hair, and goggles, moved around the stage playing masterful solos, while Ryan Martinie prowled around with an almost possessed energy, fingers on his bass, playing compelling runs.

Throughout the set Mudvayne unleashed their trademark intricate time changes and hardcore rhythms. The crowd responded with intense fervor, making the security team work extra hard.

Among the night’s song highlights in the 13-song set were “Not Happy,” “Under My Skin,” and “Happy?” Each song was an anthem to the fans who were fully present watching their heroes perform in this summertime sanctuary of metal.

Mudvayne’s openers on this megametal bill were GWAR, Butcher Babies, Nonpoint, and Coal Chamber.

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