Bring Me The Horizon

Photos & review by Jennie Book

Bring Me The Horizon delivered an electrifying performance at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View on July 5, 2023 while opening for headliners Fall Out Boy. The setlist was a meticulously crafted combination of their greatest hits, fan favorites, and fresh surprises, including the recently released track “AmEN!” – a bold opening choice that set the tone for the night. From the very first note, the band’s stage presence was undeniable, captivating the entire audience and making them yell.

Oli Sykes is a full force frontman who continuously released a torrent of raw emotion and power throughout the set. Moving between haunting melodies and aggressive screams, Sykes left it all on the stage, moving some front row fans to tears.

Tracks like “LosT” and “AmEN!” were phenomenal, and the sheer energy and passion coming from all bandmates on stage was palpable, igniting a contagious rocking fever that swept through the crowd for the entire set.

In the midst of the 11-song setlist that included standout performances of “Throne,” “Drown,” and “Happy Song,” BMTH proved once again why they are a talented charismatic force to be reckoned with, and given fan fervor it’s easy to imagine them filling a spot like Shoreline as headliners. Check out upcoming dates near you, and for all the latest info go to