Benson Boone

Photos & review by Jennie Book

When Benson Boone arrived on stage at the Henry Fonda Theater in Los Angeles, it was clear his personality and talent were almost going to be too big for the venue. The high-decibled packed house was in love with the whole evening from start to finish – from Nicky Youre opening, to YouTube celebrity Noah Beck and YouTube talent/singer Alex Warren in the balcony taking photos with fans – and finally when the SpongeBob theme played over the PA they got to experience what they came to see and hear: Benson Boone’s arrival, which included a high backflip with stuck landing, and the crowd went nuts.

Boone’s 16-song set was filled with fan favorites, some rocking and some emotional. He talked about a family member’s mental health issues which endeared the crowd to him even more. He accepted roses from a fan. He held a fan’s hand. He jumped off the stage into the pit and sang directly to fans. Benson Boone is all about his fans and they love him for it.

His energy was contagious, and his stage presence palpable. He’s a real performer with real pipes, as evidenced in many of his high-octave tracks. “In The Stars” was a particular set favorite with fans singing along, and mid-set he pulled one of his sisters onstage to sing a duet with him to the delight of the crowd. “GHOST TOWN” closed the night as a special moment too.

This LA date marked Boone’s last US tour date, but he’ll continue in Norway in July. For up to date info check out for all the latest news.