Love and Rockets

Photos & review by Jennie Book

Love and Rockets came to the Fox Theater in Oakland on May 21st after playing Pasadena’s Cruel World Festival the night before, the first time they’d taken a US stage in 15 years. Their Fox performance kicks off a 14-date US tour that will run through mid June and finish in Texas.

The Fox show was a hands down megahit for fans who’d been waiting for a night like that for years. With an 18-song set including two encores, their live performance pulled from their entire musical catalog and included favorites like “Kundalini Express,” “So Alive,” and “My Dark Twin,” performed live for the first time.

The light show at the Fox was a psychedelic extravaganza, illuminating David J’s bass, Daniel Ash’s vocals, and Kevin Haskins’ drumming, adding a whole layer of drama to the evening. Ash’s vocals were on point, he looked great as did David J and Haskins, and the whole evening was stellar as fans sang and danced to deep cuts and favorites.

Vinsantos, who describes himself as “post punk/post queer,” and “a member of the Bauhaus family,” opened the show with a dramatic sonic landscape. An entertaining storyteller and musician, he set the mood for a deep and meaningful show experience.

See Love and Rockets on this tour at dates across the US for the next month – the best place for getting up to date L&R info is on their instagram account at @loveandrocketsofficial.