little image

words/photos Jennie Book

The young guys in little image put on a show filled with passion and energy at August Hall on April first, with a mashed up against the barrier fan base that were loving yelling lyrics back at them.

On the road with Colony House on the Cannonballers tour, little image’s three bandmates (singer Jackson Simmons, drummer Troy Bruner, and bassist/keyboardist Brandon Walters) performed their hearts out and brought the house down with hits like “Out of My Mind” and “Worth It.” Their talent and charisma were undeniable live and Troy Bruner’s drumming electricity could barely be caught by a 1/2000 camera shutter.

New album “Self-Titled” is set for release on May 12th via Hollywood Records, and they’re playing a few solo gigs in the TN/TX area in May to celebrate its debut.