words/photos Jennie Book

Legendary UK shoegaze band Ride, known for their lush, swirling soundscapes and haunting melodies, looked comfortably at home onstage as they killed it in front of a sold out San Francisco crowd. Andy Bell’s guitar was atmospheric and energetic, Loz kept his drum kit smashed, and Mark Gardener sang his heart out.

The setlist was a fantastic mix of old favorites and newer tracks, showcasing the band’s evolution over the years. Standout songs included “Vapour Trail,” “Leave Them All Behind,” and “Nowhere.” The band’s energy was palpable, and the audience loved every second of it. An unexpected late set highlight was Tim Burgess from The Charlatans joining Ride while playing harmonica on “Here and Now.”

Ride’s music remains timeless even after a solid generation’s worth of existence, and is still fresh and relevant today, proven by their live 15-song energetic set. It’s clear that their music has touched decades of fans and is continuing to inspire new rocking shoegazers today.