Daniel Seavey at Cafe Du Nord

words/photos Jennie Book

Daniel Seavey playing Cafe Du Nord is like a Great White inside a countertop fishbowl: too immense, too big, too much energy to fit in such a small space. The venue was packed with solo fans and Why Don’t We fans, the latter of which is on break due to managerial wrestings, and the noise and excitement from his fans was palpable. Seavey played mostly solo work, but sprinkled in some Why Don’t We favorites like “8 Letters,” and also performed a moving rendition of the song that kicked off his career on American Idol and got him where he is today: “Hallelujah.” Former Why Don’t We opening act Eben was in the house as both stagehand and one-song opening act in addition to full set opener Alex Warren, with both of those performers having plenty of their own fans in the crowd showing love.